ADC team history
Our story began back in 1998, when we, the founders of the company, began to gain experience in the field of modern elemental electronics and circuit solutions. Over the years, we've come to the conclusion that coil products and components for power supply systems are sphere where we can be most useful. So in 2007, a small company of three people was born.

At first, we were mostly engaged in the distribution of radio electronics, and contract manufacturing was a secondary direction. Later contract manufacturing was transformed into the manufacture of components for systems and power supplies. That’s when the action has begun - proportionally to gained experience we were getting more clients through word of mouth, the machinery park and the manufacturing scales were growing. In addition to transformers, there were orders for customized power supplies, electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering systems, or other technical tasks that required unique solutions. Soon manufacturing became our main specialization.

Since then, we have crossed the mark of 200+ customers. Our power systems work in leading security systems, in swimming pool cleaning and disinfection devices, in portable and stationary cardiographs and patient monitors for "emergency", in defibrillators, in power units for LED lighting, in public electric transport, in charging devices of various capacities and others products
Our story has started in the early 2007 from a small company of 3 people. At the beginning we mainly distributed radio electronics, contact manufacturing was our secondary focus.
Our main work principle is to keep promises: we do our job, meet all deadlines, share our experience and give recommendations. Also, obviously, we give technical support if needed — during the whole power supplies’ term of work.
Our production capacities
  • equipment for producing items with linear and toroidal winding
  • 2 automatic assembly lines
  • vacuum impregnation equipment
  • department of small-scale production
  • varnish department
  • technical control and testing department
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