Consultation, estimation and manufacturing power supplies turnkey

Power supply is a kingmaker of any electronical product. Choosing correct topology, selecting element base, thoroughly estimating of the winding parameters, considering a multitude of other nuances allow to be sure in robust power source for your product. That means, to be sure in long-term and smooth operation.

Focus on your product, and leave the power supply issue to us.
Provide us with techicnical requirements
We will provide perfect application tailored to your use.

Let’s begin!
We know the difficulties occurring in search of the right manufacturer:
  • Looking for a turnkey product, because you have strict technical requirement from constructors/designers
  • Consultation is needed so that you won’t get confused with the choice (topology, construction, curcuit design etc.)
  • A huge batch ASAP is needed
  • Wage flexibility is important to pay upon shipment and do not froze working capital, for example
  • Small batch for little money is needed
  • The necessary product was found in China, but everything is complicated by logistics
Good news: your search of a perfect contractor ends here. We manufacture a product without any disadvantages mentioned above.
What do we offer?
Why us?
15 years on the market allows us to develop a source of supply, tailored exactly to your product, even if it requires a completely new and non-standart solution
We work 24/7 when required to meet the deadlines that seem impossible to others. Also, we are gradually increasing our manufacturing capacities
We work with all possible spheres: medicine, cinema, security systems, video surveillance, gas leak monitoring applications, electric transport etc. 90% of our clients return for reorder.
We work with any scale orders, including small batches. Also, we are open to different ways of payment.
Ukrainian production
It is easier to agree with each other than with Chinese colleagues, the risk of misunderstanding disappears. And the most important thing - the Ukrainian manufacturer allows to support the Ukrainian economy!
Shall we start?
A complete product for your device is almost on your table. You fill in the application on the right, we contact you, and within 2-4 weeks you receive the product!

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    Lamps for greenhouses. For these lamps the customer bought cheap power supplies without EMI components. During the commissioning all the lamps were switched on at the same time… 
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    Why our clients choose us?